Writing a Sponsorship Package for a Local Business

March 25, 2019

High School athletic directors wear many hats, and one of the hats is for an area that's becoming more and more important: Attracting local businesses to sponsor your athletic programs.

After you've identified a potential sponsor, the next step is to create a sponsorship package that you can present to the company. Here are tips for writing the proposal.

In an article on Themeboy.com, Brenda Barron suggests that you start the proposal with a profile of your team or athletic department. List the scope of our audience in terms fan attendance, number of social media followers, and size of email list that you may have compiled. Most important, if you have a unique website for the team or department, get stats on number of monthly visitors, number of unique visitors and number of page views.

Barron offers a good suggestion: show the type of media coverage your program receives. Attach clips of articles that have been written and links to coverage online.

List the Sponsorship Requirements. Barron suggests that you “use clear language to describe what you expect. This can include financial contributions that will be used to buy new equipment or reserve a venue for an upcoming season or match. You can also include the cost of traveling to tournaments or marketing costs.”

The most important element: List the Sponsorship Benefits. Be specific about the ways that the company will increase brand awareness through the sponsorship, stress the demographics they are reaching (a survey of fans and supporters can be helpful here), and provide ways that the company will benefit from referral business (you might consider offering your followers a coupon to purchase from the company).

Define the Scope of the Package. This is the list of items the company receives in order to achieve the Sponsor Benefits that you've listed in the propsoal. Barron suggests you create a tiered program using some of the following items:

Guaranteed advertising spot in your venue or website for a year or more

• Guaranteed logo inclusion on your equipment for a year or more

• Naming rights for your team’s mascot or official venue

• Their logo on your team’s jersey

• Exposure on your social media profiles

• Promotion to your email list

• A shout out during video replays

• Media coverage if your matches and tournaments are televised or covered in other media


Make sure you create metrics to meaure the effectiveness of the sponsorship. Barron writes, “The metrics will be split into tangible and less tangible results. If their audience size increased or if their sales figures went up as a result of sponsoring you, those metrics are tangible and easily measured results.

Less tangible results, on the other hand, include examples such as increased brand awareness, an increase in customer loyalty, brand perception among a new audience demographic, and more.”

Include a Call to Action. In the closing portion of the propsal, Barron writes to be sure you linclude your contact details (email, mobile phone, social media handles, and website address). You may want to include an invitation for your contact at the company to see one of your home games or events.

Determine the Pricing for the proposed Sponsorship Package

Barron sugggest provide a multi-tiered package with costs associated for each tier so the company can choose to go with a portion of the proposal if they can't afford the full package.

Barron suggests that “The price of your package will depend on the number of matches or events that your team participates in as well as the number of people who attend every game and the number of visitors your website receives.

“For example, if your website receives a thousand unique visitors a month, you can offer 1000 monthly impressions to your sponsors. That means that if a cost per impression is worth $0.20, you could charge $200 for a display banner on your site.

“Similarly, she continued, “If you play roughly 15 matches per season and each match is attended by 500 people, you can offer 7,500 impressions per season. If a company values that impression at $0.40, you could potentially charge $3000 for one of your packages.”

Barron emphasizes that not all impressions are equal. “A large banner in your venue will be worth more than a simple tweet, so tailor your packages accordingly,” she writes.

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