Visiting Facebook

June 25, 2018

Last month, four administrators from Middle Tennessee State visited the headquarters of Facebook in Menlo Park, Calif. According to the Tennessean, the visitors included Mark Owens, Athletic Director; Rob Janson, Strategic Communications Manager; Andrew Oppman, Vice President for Communications and Marketing; and Brent Beerends, Social Media Coordinator.

"It's an incredible place and it was fascinating to see where things are going in terms of social media," Owens said. "We had meetings both days, we toured the facility and we asked a lot of questions. At first I was like, 'Do I really need to go, or can I just send some of my people?' I am so glad I went because it was so educational."

Owens said he and his fellow officials learned a great deal of valuable information, such as that one in three Instagram users was a sports fan, and that by reaching those users, the school could reach a younger audience.

"They gave us a bunch of statistical stuff, like 90 percent of people while watching games utilize their mobile devices," Owens said. "They gave a lot of how-to tips. They told us how to monitor our stuff and let us know that when people click on and 'like' your videos, you can target them for season tickets. It was a lot of information in a short period of time."

Owens invited Facebook employees to watch a Blue Raiders football game this fall.

"I asked them to come and watch our operation and tell me how we're doing, how they would change things," he said. "They were real interested in doing that."

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