Unique Recognition

June 28, 2017

Five California high school student-athletes who won scholarships recently received a unique recognition. Throughout the graduation season, a dairy company will list the winners on its milk cartons.

“While our commemorative milk cartons are a fun way to recognize the success of high school sports teams, these scholarship cartons generate positive attention solely on the students to recognize their success as young leaders,” Frank Otis, president and chief executive officer at Crystal Creamery, told the Mountain Democrat.

Originally, the Dale Lacky & Clark Coover Scholarship was awarded to one male and one female student-athlete from the Sac-Joaquin Section. Over the years, the program has grown to allow more scholarships to be awarded. One of the main fundraisers for this program is “foundation games.” For these, specific volleyball and basketball games are designated as foundation games and half of the gate receipts from these events are donated for the scholarships.


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