UAB Cuts 12 Positions

July 11, 2018

The University of Alabama at Birmingham cut or eliminated 12 positions in order to save $400,000 prior to the start of the next fiscal year.

According to, Mark Ingram, Director of Athletics, said the decision to cut the positions, including Marla Townsend, the school's long-time softball coach who had become a Senior Associate Athletic Director last year, was difficult but necessary. The school had lost much of its revenue in television payouts from Conference USA.

"I don't take this lightly, and I certainly don't make decisions like this on a whim," Ingram said. "These are things that take a lot of thought and energy. I wouldn't speak specifically to anybody or any individual about their personal situation, but generally I just say that everyone affected was a very hardworking person that was dedicated to UAB.”

Townsend said she did not believe she was let go for political reasons, and that she does not want fans to boycott sports games in protest.

"We need all the support and money we can get right now," Townsend said

Zac Schrieber, the former Sports Information Director at Samford University, left his job to become Sports Information Director for men's basketball at UAB. On June 15, two days before the start of Schreiber's new job, he was given a call informing him that the position was being cut.

"If I would have been told just four hours earlier, I could have most likely stopped everything on the Samford end of things and kept my job there," Schrieber said in a text message.

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