Two Teams Suspended

March 13, 2017

All players from two Alabama high school baseball teams have been suspended following an in-game incident. Both squads will forfeit the next 20 percent of their games. The teams are also being fined ejection fees. Pratville High School’s total will be $2,200 and Marbury High School will pay $1,800 after reductions if players take sportsmanship training within 10 days.

The incident started when Marbury’s catcher tagged out a runner on a legal slide play at home plate. Along with a verbal incident, the on-deck batter shoved the catcher. All players on the field left their positions and those in the dugouts took the field.

“The coaches know this behavior is not acceptable, and the administration from both schools know this behavior is not acceptable,” Spence Agee, Autauga County Superintendent, told the Montgomery Advertiser. “Now maybe the players have learned this behavior is not acceptable. Honestly, I’m flat out embarrassed by this. We won’t tolerate this type of activity. We are trying to teach these young men the importance of sportsmanship. There are consequences for your actions, and now the players should realize that there are consequences for their actions.”




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