Time for Plan D

July 12, 2017

As a compromise in a dispute between Damascus (Md.) High School and Georgia Tech, a water tower will be adorned with a D instead of a Swarmin' Hornet mascot.

According to The Washington Post, Victor Furnnells worked for seven years to convince the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission to paint a hornet on the water tower, along with raising money to do so. When Damascus High School contacted Georgia Tech, they learned that using a hornet would violate an agreement between Montgomery County Public Schools and Georgia Tech, which has a yellow jacket called Buzz as its mascot. Georgia Tech offered to allow Damascus to use the hornet under additional stipulations, such as a redesign of the logo. That would have cost between $2,000 and $3,000, which Damascus was unable to meet.

“Candidly, my thought is that they wanted to seem like the good guys,” Furnells said. “The agreement they sent to us with those stipulations was never going to happen.”

Funnells and the Damascus High School Booster Club met with Casey Crouse, the school's new principal, and agreed to use Damascus' “D” symbol. 

“The D has been a symbol of the school for decades, and it resonates with people throughout the community,” Funnells said. “So I’m disappointed in Georgia Tech’s position, but this is a better resolution than we had expected at this point.”

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