Tickets Refunded

November 20, 2017

The University of Louisville recently issued $419,166 worth of refunds to season ticket holders who asked for their money back after Tom Jurich, Athletic Director, and Rick Pitino, Head Men's Baskeball Coach, were fired.

According to the Courier Journal, Kenny Klein, a spokesperson for the athletic department, said that the school gave 126 people and businesses $239,566 in ticket revenue and $179,600 worth of donations made to purchase tickets.

“At the time of the change in leadership, we were asked publicly if we were planning to offer a refund for tickets,” Klein said. “We said at that time we would discuss any questions or concerns with season ticket holders on an individual basis. We did just that and ultimately refunded those 315 tickets.”

Larry Benz, a member of the University of Louisville Athletic Association Board, and a former chair of the school's Board of Trustees, approved of allowing season ticket holders the option to get their money back.

"I believe offering refunds for tickets and donation level is the honorable and right thing to do," Benz said.

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