Teams Barred From Postseason

February 2, 2018

Two North Carolina high school girls' basketball teams, Granville Central and J.F. Webb, are no longer eligible for their state's playoffs after a brawl between their two teams and some spectators at a game on January 26.

According to The News & Observer, Stan Winborne, Public Information Officer for Granville County Schools, said the game was not completed, and both teams forfeited. Under North Carolina High School Athletic Association rules, teams are eliminated when three players are removed for fighting, including players who leave the bench but do not throw punches.

Winborne said “several” students and both sides were ejected, and the teams would be barred from the postseason. He called the brawling athletes' behavior “absolutely unacceptable,” and said everyone who left the bench would be suspended for at least four more games, and receive additional punishment at school.

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