Team Stranded for Two Weeks

March 1, 2018

The Heart Butte (Mont.) High School boys' basketball team has spent over two weeks in motel rooms as freezing temperatures and strong winds have not allowed them to travel home. There is a state of emergency on the Blackfeet Reservation and in Glacier County, according to the Missoulian.

Kellen Hall, coach of the team, said that being separated from their families has been most difficult for the players.

“These kids are all very family-oriented. That would be the hardest part, being away from family,” Hall said. “Those home-cooked meals are being missed, just that quality time with family is being missed."

Hall expressed gratitude to those who had helped his team, from the manager of the Great Falls hotel where the team stays, who attends the team's games, to Ed Greiberis, who gave the team hundreds of dollars to pay for their meals.

Ross Drishinski, Athletic Director, said everyone on the team has done well during those difficult times.

“Give credit to the players and the coaches,” Drishinski said. “That’s all on them. The players are taking it in stride. They’ve been well behaved and acting as young gentlemen should, and the coaches have been keeping them on task.”

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