Surplus Goes to Schools

July 28, 2017

When the Alabama High School Athletic Association's central board met last week, it announced plans to return $2 million to member schools this year. According to, the AHSAA established the revenue-sharing plan in 2009, deciding that any surplus funds that remained after paying the organization's expenses and the reserve funds would be returned to the schools. 

“It’s the schools’ money,” Steve Savarese, executive director of the AHSAA, said.

Savarese said that the breakdown for this year's payments most likely would not be finished until September. Last year, when the total was $1.8 million, schools in the largest classification (6A and 7A) were issued about $5,000 each. The amounts follow a sliding scale and each class gets one percent less.

The AHSAA also waived membership dues for the 25th consecutive year.

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