SUITMATE® Swimsuit Water Extractor

November 9, 2018

Well ahead of the current push for sustainability, the SUITMATE Swimsuit Water Extractor efficiently removes 95 percent of water from a wet swimsuit in approximately eight seconds, without the use of heat. In use for more than 30 years, the SUITMATE unit proves not only to be a highly valued amenity for guests, but also for facility owners. It prevents water damage from dripping wet swimsuits, resulting in a cleaner, dryer environment.

An added benefit is its low maintenance needs and low energy consumption, making this amenity an affordable one for facility owners. The SUITMATE unit is made in the USA and is contructed of stainless steel and durable plastic. Extractor Corp. maintains numerous safety marks for the SUITMATE unit, including UL, CUL, CE and SASO.

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