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July 24, 2017

According to, the NFHS Network has partnered with the company Pixellot to provide fully automated broadcast productions of high school sporting events. Since launching in 2013, the Network has brought live streaming coverage to all types of events. With the new partnership, the NFHS and Pixellot help high schools overcome the main barrier to televising athletic competitions: finding someone to run the broadcast.

Pixellot’s cameras are designed to pan, zoom, and follow all the action smoothly, and it has proven to work in sports such as football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and more. The system can be installed at stadiums or gymnasiums and comes with four weatherproof HD cameras, a device to plug into a scoreboard, and an audio board so that announcers can be part of the broadcast. In addition, it’s a fully automated system, making it much easier for schools to televise events.

“It's an exciting new technology that's going to impact high school athletics, and the coverage of high school athletics by schools,” said Che Vialpando, who oversees the School Broadcast Program in the Rocky Mountain Region of Colorado. “It allows them to produce live and on-demand content that they never would have been able to do in the past.”

The initiative has taken off in Colorado and the NFHS Network has already sold more than 20 units to schools or school districts in the state. The Network expects that 40 units could be in place by the time fall sports begin in August. Nationwide, they hope to sell over 400 units.

“It's really caught fire in our district,” said Cherry Creek Schools District Athletic Director Larry Bull, who purchased eight units for his district. “It's creating opportunities for males and females, opportunities for athletes from freshman to varsity, and then it's also an opportunity for kids that are into the streaming and the broadcasting and the story-writing.” 

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