Special Guests Teach Athletes

September 1, 2017

Two Navy SEALs taught Dansville (N.Y.) Central High School student-athletes how to be better team leaders. According to the Genessee County Express, they worked with students in grades seven through 12, in sports such as cross-country, football, soccer, swimming, and volleyball. The two SEALs, Jason and Jake, identified by their first names due to security concerns.

“We got out of the Navy and started working with different teams on how to enhance human performance,” Jason said. “This is all about optimizing performance for athletes. A lot of this is physical and behavioral team dynamics.”

Rob VanScoter, athletic director for Dansville, said he met the two SEALs at a conference, and invited them to visit his school.

“This is a message their coaches try to tell them, but when it comes from a Navy SEAL, that shows that the level of dedication goes beyond just being an athlete,” he said. “This is something they will carry with them for their rest of their lives.”

VanScoter said he hoped to have the SEALs return to the school in the future.

“The message they are giving the kids is right on point with what we try to get across to them,” he said. “What better way to learn leadership than to get it from the Navy SEALs? They are the best on the planet.”

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The key to coaching teenage athletes is realizing how to recognize these changes and then adapting to them yourself. This doesn’t mean lowering your standards or making things easier for them, but it might mean adjusting your approach and finding new ways to teach your lessons.
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