Softball Team Files Title IX Lawsuit

April 6, 2016

In Oregon, Lake Oswego High School's softball team has filed a Title IX lawsuit, alleging it has been denied the same resources allotted to the baseball team, according to The plaintiffs include 10 softball players, who say the program has issued complaints for several years, but has been told it  won’t receive additional benefits unless it “wins a state championship.”

The softball team cited several inequities, including those related to its home field and sports medicine coverage. The plaintiffs allege that the softball field lacks amenities present at the baseball field, including a hitting facility, water fountains in the dugout, a sound system, and a press box; and the baseball team has an athletic trainer present at games while the softball team does not "even has a first-aid kit." 

“This isn’t a fight against the boys' baseball team. We support them in everything they do. We’re excited to see them win. It’s just frustrating that we still don’t get the same opportunities as them, the same equipment, the same facilities,” Lauren Working, a softball player, said.

The lawsuit cites that in March, the school's superintendent, school board, principal, Title IX coordinators, two assistant principals, and athletic director received a letter about the discrimination, and that they have yet to reply. Last week, the district released a statement in response to the lawsuit, saying that it was in the process of improving the girls' softball team, but it would take time to implement more changes.

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