Schools Drop St. Frances

June 4, 2018

As St. Frances Academy, in Baltimore, is becoming a national football powerhouse, some of its rivals are declining to play the Panthers football team in the fall. According to the Baltimore Sun, Calvert Hall High School and Mount Saint Joseph High School, both Baltimore schools, announced they would not be playing St. Frances this fall, citing a “size and athletic disparity” and the number of transfers St. Frances has brought in.

“After much deliberation, there is significant agreement that St. Frances has moved their program to a level that we are not interested in competing at or with. If their goal is to be a national power competing against like schools we wish them success, but that is not our goal nor our mission in athletics,” Rich Holzer, Mount Saint Joseph's football coach, wrote in a letter.

Henry Russell, a football coach for St. Frances, criticized Mount Saint Joseph on Twitter.

“We live in a world of cowards, who teach kids to run from their problems rather than face them,” Russell tweeted. “Make excuses for failure, use lies, and take their ball and go home. I will never be a coach who conforms to this behavior and thought. What are you teaching your student athletes?”

George E. Andrews Jr., President of Mount Saint Joseph High School, defended his school's decision.

“We communicated the reasoning behind our decision to the MIAA and have also been in communication with the athletic department at St. Frances,” Andrews said. “This has been an ongoing conversation with the MIAA since December of 2017. Our goal is to foster a safe and healthy competitive environment for all our student-athletes and we do not wish to comment any further on the matter.”

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