Residents Protest Bleachers

November 8, 2018

In North Babylon, N.Y., residents living near the high school are protesting newly installed bleachers. According to CBS, the bleachers were part of a $69 million school bond for upgrades, which voters approved last December.

The installation at North Babylon High School includes 1,200 seats for the home team grandstand, while the visitors have 900 seats. Local homeowners want the bleachers to be moved to the other side of the field, where there are no houses.

John Seaman, a local resident, who had been traveling for a few weeks before he came home to see the bleachers near his lawn, expressed concerns about how they might affect his privacy. He also said they could raise liability concerns, as if anyone fell from the bleachers into his lawn, he could be sued.

“It’s an atrocious abomination," Seaman said. "This whole structure is absolutely ridiculous."

The North Babylon School District officials released a statement about the project, saying that they had communicated with the public and would continue to do so as the project progressed.

“At the district’s Oct. 18 Board of Education meeting the President informed the community that the board would take a walking tour of the construction site to personally review the new construction and discuss if any remedy would be necessary,” the statement said. “No formal budgeting has been appropriated for possible remediation efforts, including the construction of a new higher fence or the planting of trees and as such, these potential projects could result in an impact to taxpayers.”

Rick Dorsty, a resident, found fault with the board's statement.

“I understand the school board said they notified everybody. We got nothing. We’ve talked to our neighbors, nobody got anything,” Dorsty said.

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