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July 10, 2018

Operating an athletic department means having a lot of equipment. Yet, some of the most important pieces never see the field of play or even time in the practice gym. This is the gear used to store and manage sports equipment and the lockers that are the core of the players’ home away from. Fortunately for buyers of this kind of equipment, the GearBoss family of products offers an unmatched combination of advantages-- knowledge, innovation and service.  

Knowledge starts “in the trenches” with athletic directors, coaches, and equipment managers. The GearBoss team has immersed itself in this market to learn the challenges its customers face. Listening to its customers helps the company understand and anticipate their needs.

Innovation translates this knowledge into superior solutions. The GearBoss storage system offers flexible, high-density storage for a variety of equipment. The system improves inventory management and protects against damage, theft, and unsanitary conditions. Team room lockers are available in more than 1,000 different configurations--sizes, features, and accessories--with either metal or wood construction and with a variety of colors/finishes. Other products include shelving, multi-function carts, merchandise kiosks for fundraising, and a full complement of accessories.

Storage Solutions
GearBoss high-density storage solutions can improve space efficiency by as much as 75 percent.

Service means GearBoss offers expert consultation before the sale, along with superior after-sales service, support, and warranty protection. GearBoss products include innovative, durable solutions for athletic facilities and equipment: high-density storage systems, shelving, wood or metal team lockers, multi-function carts, merchandise kiosks for fundraising, and a full complement of accessories. GearBoss products tackle the challenges athletic departments face daily, while reinforcing and building program pride.

Did you know:
GearBoss can help with all aspects of an athletic program, from lockers, to storage, to equipment transport and fundraising solutions.


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