Quick Expansion

November 20, 2017

Student-athletes at Fontbonne University currently go off-campus for practices and games due to space constraints on the urban campus. Along with this inconvenience, attendance at practice is sometimes affected by conflicting class times.

According to St. Louis Public Radio, this will change soon with the university’s purchase of the camps of a nearby high school that recently closed. As the Fontbonne athletic program gets ready to revamp the newly acquired grounds, one of the priorities will be establishing a presence.

“Anytime you don’t have a home, it’s very challenging,” Maria Buckel, Fontbonne University Athletic Director, said. “When we bring recruits we want to be able to see Fontbonne Griffins basically all over the facilities.”

The former high school’s buildings will be up and running sooner than the athletic facilities. This will allow adult and continuing education courses to be held at the new location.

“This expansion will allow Fontbonne to serve our dear neighbors to the west,” Michael Pressimone, Fontbonne University President, said. “We know we can be as much of a valuable community partner in Manchester as we are with our dear friends and neighbors in Clayton.”

The work on the 23-acre site will begin in the upcoming summer. Artificial playing surfaces will be installed, with a projected completion for the 2019-20 academic year. There are currently about 1,100 students at Fontbonne University and the new building will allow the university to continue its expansion efforts for continuing education and athletics.

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