Polling Community Members

June 29, 2017

In Washington state, the Hockinson school board released the results of a survey about the high school's athletic field, which provide information on why voters rejected a $1.5 million levy for a new synthetic field.

According to The Reflector, 482 people responded to the survey. Half of those polled said the plan was fiscally responsible, and 86 percent of those who responded said they knew of the problems with the field, which does not drain water well during rainy weather, forcing some games to be played elsewhere.

“It’s a problem we’ve had for a while,” Sandra Yager, superintendent, said. “We do our best each year to make it playable.”

Many of the respondents believed that the district could have prevented the problem, or should raise the money itself. When asked for a solution, only 13 percent supported another levy, while 64 percent proposed raising funds for a new field, 10 percent suggested a sand-based field, and the remaining 13 percent said to continue using the current field.

Yager said the turnout was good and there were “no surprises” in the survey results.

“This survey answered our questions and now gives us information to take the next step — if any,” Yager said. “We don’t have a plan yet and I don’t know when we will. Maybe we’ll just keep using it as is and do what we can.”

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