Polar Vortex Wreaks Havoc

January 31, 2019

Wisconsin athletic directors have been forced to respond to the many game cancellations caused by the unusually cold weather in the area last week, as reported by WSAW 7.

"No I have never seen it (this cold), and I’ve lived here all my life,” said Paul Michlig, Athletic Director for Newman Catholic. “So this is pretty cold. So this is unique, and safety first and you know (that’s) number one."

In the middle of the week, James Sekel, Athletic Director for D.C. Everest High School, was attempting to make order out of chaos.

“So Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are pretty chaotic right now,” Sekel said. “Everything was postponed on Tuesday, and then Wednesday we don't have anything, and then tomorrow everything is postponed as well. So we're going to try to get in some practice time on Thursday, and then hopefully the games go on as scheduled on Friday, depending on those weather gods and the polar vortex."

Michlig said that in addition to having to reschedule games, it can be difficult to find officials for those games and ensure that special events are held as normal.

"It's odd because you've got like senior nights and things like that coming up at this time of year,” says Michlig. “Those are the things that to be honest with you are more difficult to worry about, to make sure those kids get their recognition that they deserve and stuff like that."

Michlig said the timing of the postponements is inconvenient, since the regular season will end within a few weeks.

"Playoffs (are) coming up and you've got two weeks I think left for girls' basketball for example,” says Michlig. “So it's got to get done, bottom line it's got to get done."

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