Paws & Claws

August 3, 2017

Auburn University Athletics announced the launch of Paws & Claws, its first official pet club, allowing fans to get their pets special Auburn perks, including experiential opportunities. Paws & Claws is designed to provide Auburn fans who share a passion for animals and pets a new, unique community within the Auburn Family.

In an effort to seek new ways to be innovative and connect with the fan base in meaningful and unique ways, Paws &Claws is the first and only pet club in intercollegiate athletics.

Paws & Claws supports Auburn University’s history and tradition as the southeast’s oldest College of Veterinary Medicine.

Registration is $15 for the first pet and $5 for each additional pet, with a limit of five pets per account.  Membership benefits include pet-specific Auburn items, a mini tote bag, collapsible pet water bowl, car decal, membership card, birthday card, exclusive event and experiential opportunities, access to the Paws & Claws quarterly and more.  

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