Partnership Provides Win-Win

October 4, 2017

On Friday night, in Tuscaloosa, Ala., the football teams from Central High School and Sumter Central High will compete in the first annual Stillman Classic on the campus of Stillman College. According to the Tuscaloosa News, the Stillman Classic is intended to deepen Central's partnership with Stillman College. The two schools have a dual-enrollment partnership, in which participating high schoolers can earn college credit.

“This game is going to give Stillman a new little burst of energy,” Whitney Clark, athletic director for Central High School, said. “I’m excited about that. We hope this game is the start as the first of many to come.”

David Brown, a senior outside linebacker for Central, is participating in the school's dual-enrollment program with Stillman. He said the program is helping him prepare for college.

“It’s a nice experience,” Brown said. “The first day I was there, I was a little overwhelmed. I was thinking, ‘college is going to be like this, college is going to be like that.’ As we settled in to, it was more like high school.”

Another intended benefit is to bring football back to Stillman, which ended its football program in 2015. Ken Alston, athletic director for Stillman, said he hoped that the Stillman Classic would provide a local game for students.

“The community and the students are hungry for that football feel,” Alston said. “This attention we’re going to gain is going to help us with our enrollment. It will shed some light on some things that are positive about Stillman College.”

Brown said that he was looking forward to playing in a college stadium.

“It’s very exciting,” Brown said. “A couple of my classmates at Stillman are already talking about that they have plans of coming out to see me and have posters. I’m really excited to play on Stillman’s field, and I just really want to see what the atmosphere is going to be like.

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