Parents Sent Reminder

March 15, 2017

After a few incidents of parents attending games who were already under the influence of alcohol, or with alcohol to consume during the game, the principal at Fairhope (Ala.) High School took a proactive approach. Rather than waiting for a major incident, parents were emailed to remind them of the policy on alcohol.

“As a principal, you just want to take care of it before something happens and you just never know,” Jon Cardwell, Fairhope High School Principal, told FOX10TV.

Along with reminding parents that there is a school policy against possessing or consuming alcohol, the email told them that coaches and administrators have been instructed to notify police if the policy is violated. So far, the email has been well-received by parents.

“What people do in the privacy of their home is their business, but when it comes to school functions and being around high school students I think the parents should set an example and this isn’t the place for it,” Mike Jones, a parent, told FOX10TV.  

The following is the email:

Dear Parents, 

Over the past two weeks, we have had incidents of parents consuming alcohol or showing up to games clearly under the influence of alcohol. Because this is a school-sponsored activity, it is against BCBE Policy to possess or consume alcoholic beverages.  Furthermore, all of our games are played on City of Fairhope parks, and it is a violation of City of Fairhope ordinance and law.  I have instructed our coaches and administrators to notify Fairhope Police to remove people in violation this city ordinance.  Please don't put yourself in the position of not being able to attend or be removed from your child's games and matches.  

We struggle with teen consumption of alcohol in this community, and we would like for our fans to provide a positive example for our young athletes.  While a parent who is consuming alcohol may not find it a big deal, that same parent is driving away from a field that many of my students are attending.  I cannot tolerate this action and endanger students placed under my care.  

Thank you for your help with this.  

Have a great day, and Go Pirates!

Jon Cardwell

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