Parents File Complaints

February 10, 2016

Parents have filed a complaint against Lincoln High School (Portland, Ore.) varsity boys’ basketball coach Pat Adelman. The complaint outlines allegations of Adelman objectifying two black students in front of the Lincoln JV players.

According to an article in Willamette Week, Adelman came into the locker room during halftime of a JV game and accused the players of being racists who were afraid to touch black players--and that was why they were losing the game. The complaint alleges that he brought two black student athletes (one is the member of the Lincoln varsity squad and the other is on the school’s freshman team) into the locker room and made the JV players touch them.

“When it is brought to the attention of a student of color that they are considered by the white world to be ‘outsiders,’ as Coach Adelman did in this outrageous act, that is something that cannot be undone,” Laurie Wimmer and two other mothers wrote in the complaint, reported by Willamette Week. “Forever after [the students] will be, to their teammates and in their own eyes, ‘black’ and ‘other.’ Not ‘Lincoln students.’”

Adelman, who is 28, is in his first year of coaching at Lincoln. Although the Portland Public Schools spokesperson told the Willamette Week that he couldn’t comment since it is an ongoing investigation, reducing racial barriers has been a priority for the district in the past nine years.

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