Parent Sues District

January 30, 2018

AJ Felker, the father of a New Washington (Ind.) High School basketball player, sued the school district after being removed from a game and banned from the next three games. According to WHAS 11, Felker was removed for “unsportsmanlike comments to an official,” but he contends he was not doing anything wrong, and that he left peacefully.

"I was just telling him--pay attention to the game, watch the game,” Felker said.

Felker listened to the rest of the game from the hall. A week later, he met with the school's athletic director, who banned him from the next three games. After the meeting, Felker then hired an attorney, Larry Wilder, and filed a lawsuit against the school.

"At a minimum, he's not allowed to tell him he can't go to watch his son play, in a different county, at a maximum, they need to have due process in place if they're going to ban him,” Wilder said.

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