OSU Accused of Inflating Numbers

June 6, 2018

A complaint against Oregon State University makes allegations that the university is violating Title IX. According to the complaint, OSU doesn’t pass the first round of the three-prong test for complying with Title IX qualifications due to alleged misreporting on participation levels.

An article from The Daily Barometer reports that in order to meet the first prong’s requirements, there must be a substantial and statistically proportional sport opportunities for students based on the school’s demographics. The complaint states that the number of athletic opportunities for female student athletes is not proportional to the school’s demographics.

Specifically, the complaint claims that OSU is violating Title IX by “knowingly and willfully having falsified, concealed, and covered up materials by fabricating EADA (Equity in Athletics Data Analysis) athletic participation numbers.”

The EADA lists male practice players for track and women’s soccer. However, Mark Rossmiller, a Title IX advocate with the Women’s National Law Center and the person who filed the complaint to the U.S. Department of Education and Department of Justice, reports that those practice players were reported as female athletic participants.

“Women’s track is overstate by approximately 68 members, and 16 male practice players counted as women collegiate athletes,” Rossmiller said. “Removing those 84 fictitious participants, OSU should not be showing a surplus of 30 female athletes, but rather the true hidden disparity.”

Currently, the DOJ has not opened an investigation. A university spokesperson said the school is aware of the complaint and is looking into the claims.

From New World Of Coaching
If you are straightforward with young people, they will usually respect you. This is much better than fabricating something on the spot, and your athletes will usually understand and accept this approach.
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