Oregon State To Open Terrace

February 11, 2016

College football Saturdays combined with the taste of Oregon; what could be better than celebrating touchdowns by the Oregon State Beavers and sampling the award-winning beer, wine and culinary delights that make the state of Oregon world-renowned?

OSU Athletics is proud to announce the introduction of the Terrace at Reser Stadium starting Sept. 17, 2016 when the Beavers open the home football season in a new-look Reser Stadium against the Idaho State Bengals.

The Terrace will be located inside the stadium adjoining the expanded Valley Football Center overlooking the north endzone. Brewers, vintners and chefs will showcase food, beer and wine that have direct ties to the state of Oregon and Oregon State University. 

“Oregon is recognized all over the world for its incredible culinary excellence and regional, national and international award winning beer, wine and food; it’s a natural to combine  what this diverse state has to offer with college football Saturdays on this beautiful campus” Todd Stansbury, OSU Vice President/Director of Athletics, said. “This state is a leader in this country and beyond in food and fermentation science technologies; it’s a perfect addition to have world renowned leaders in these industries right here on campus and in this state add to our game-day experience.” 

The Terrace, a 13,000-square foot area overlooking the football field, will feature a selection of Oregon based wine, beer and food vendors (Oregon has over 400 wineries and 194 breweries). The OSU Food Science and Technology Program, recently rated among the top five in the country, will also be featured in the Terrace.

“The College of Agricultural Sciences is a strong partner with Oregon’s rapidly growing food and beverage industries,” Dan Arp, Dean of OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences, said.  “The Department of Food Science and Technology within the college is the first university program in the nation with a working research winery, brewery, and distillery. Cheese and beer developed by our students have won top awards, competing with commercial products nationally and internationally. It will be wonderful to share these accomplishments at the Terrace.” 

Fans with VIP membership (600 capacity) in the Terrace will enjoy chairback seating, all-inclusive food and exclusive gift-hawking.  In addition, up to 900 additional fans will have the opportunity to experience the Terrace through a to-be-announced allocated entry system at no additional game ticket costs.

The Terrace Features:

  • Reserved chairback seats located below the Terrace with all-inclusive food
  • Complimentary game-day wine and beer tasting experience
  • Oregon based wineries, breweries and food vendors will have an opportunity to showcase their talents. Each game will bring a different group of vendors with Beaver fans selecting their favorites through a social media campaign. With over 400 wineries and 194 brewing companies currently based in Oregon the options are plentiful
  • Oregon State is home to one of the few fermentation science programs in the nation


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