NSR Cited for False Claims

June 29, 2017

The National Scouting Report, Inc. (NSR), a high school athletic scouting and collegiate recruiting organization that is based in Alabaster, Ala., has reached a settlement with the New York Attorney General’s office. With this settlement, NSR must alter many aspects of its business, including advertising and employee training.

According to a report from LongIsland.com, the company’s website advertised that its scouts’ training is extensive and covers a variety of athletic areas. In actuality, the NSR employees were trained for one week with a focus on sales techniques.

“Preying on the hopes and aspirations of New York’s young, devoted athletes is incredibly cynical. Students who are attempting to use their athletic promise to further their educational opportunities should not have to worry about being exploited by those seeking to make a profit, without any consideration for their success,” Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman told LongIsland.com.

NSR’s advertising also stated that it’s the highest rated scouting company. With unnamed organizations backing its ranking and placement rates that could not be substantiated, those claims were also deemed false.

The settlement’s terms include more than $20,000 in penalties, making changes to advertisements, and changing the organization’s training protocol. For its contracts in New York, NSR must also include an applicable notice of cancellation.

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