New Tool Tracks Eligibility

June 11, 2018

Duwan Walker, a former coach, and his wife Kaylyn, have developed Hyper Individualized Education Design, or Hi.Ed., a program intended to help educators track student-athletes' progress toward graduation and NCAA eligibility.

According to, Walker said that he and his wife believe they make a difference in their athletes' lives as coaches and counselors, which is why he hopes to help student-athletes with his website.

"I had the opportunity to play football and to coach at every level," Walker said. "I saw the need for this type of software. There is a big gap in understanding what a student needs to graduate and what they need to be eligible to play NCAA sports. I felt like we needed something to bridge that gap, and that is where God laid it upon our hearts to develop Hi.Ed."

Walker's website, accessible from any mobile device, tracks students starting in ninth grade, and reports on their progress. Some of what it offers includes: what an athlete needs to graduate, the academic requirements to play as a freshman in NCAA Division I or II, how many individuals in each school are on track to graduate, and a simulation of post-graduation life.

"The eligibility process is complicated and forever changing," Walker said. "This is a flexible tool that adjusts to the changes and keeps everything current."

Hi.Ed. can be purchased by individuals or a school. Spanish Fort High School is one of 18 Alabama high schools that use the produc, and Ben Blackmon, Athletic Director, has found it to be an invaluable tool.

"The worst day as a high school coach can come on National Signing Day when a kid who could play for you in high school is nowhere near being eligible for college," Blackmon said. "For student-athletes, out of sight is out of mind. A lot of them may not get serious about their careers until they are seniors and by then it could be too late to become eligible. This tool allows us to track that."

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