New Realignment Plan

January 10, 2018

The Illinois' Central Suburban League member schools approved a realignment plan that, every three years, would have two schools swap divisions. According to the Glenview Patch, the measure was approved 7-5 from by the league's board of control, after a 10-2 vote in favor of it by athletic directors.

The teams who will swap divisions every three years will be chosen based on the size of the schools and how successful their teams have been. CSL North's most successful team will go to CSL South, while CSL South's least successful team will play in CSL North.

Chris Livatino, Evanston Township High School's Athletic Director and president of the CSL's conference of athletic directors, expressed support for the plan, saying that it would help keep sports more competitive.

"The underlying expectation is that the more competitive contests your kids are involved in, the better that's going to help them improve – as competitors and as athletes," Livatino said. "If you're always winning by large margins that's not making your team better, but when you have those more competitive games it's making you a stronger program."

John Catalano, Glenbrook North's Athletic Director, told Pioneer Press that he would rather not have such a major change in the rules be decided with a narrow majority.

"This is an existential change and we are not all in agreement," he said.

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