Nebraska Players Hospitalized

January 31, 2018

Dylan Owen and Tyjon Lindsey, two football players for the University of Nebraska, suffered rhabdomyolysis and were hospitalized. According to USA Today, Head Football Coach Scott Frost said the two had suffered the muscle injury, in which damaged muscle cells leak into the blood stream and potentially damage the kidneys, after a roughly half hour-long weight-lifting session.

Owen was hospitalized for two days, while Lindsey was hospitalized for three. Both players have rejoined the team.

Frost said that “anything that happens in (the) program is ultimately (his) responsibility,” and their injuries happened despite his best efforts. He said he did not hold Zach Duval, the team's strength and conditioning coach, responsible, because Duval had taken precautions and reduced the workout.

"I want to make sure people understand that the health of our players is always going to be our primary concern,” Frost said. “It's been kind of a scary deal, and both kids are doing fine now." 

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