NCAA Forms Commission

October 12, 2017

In response to the federal investigation into fraud in college basketball, the NCAA is forming a Commission on College Basketball. It will focus on examining relationships among many entities, including the national office, apparel companies, the NBA, and non-scholastic basketball.

The NCAA has divied up relationships into three areas, as explained on its website. It has also released a statement from President Mark Emmert about the commission. 

"While I believe the vast majority of coaches follow the rules, the culture of silence in college basketball enables bad actors, and we need them out of the game," Emmert says. "We must take decisive action. This is not a time for half-measures or incremental change."

The group will be chaired by Dr. Condoleezza Rice and includes Gene Smith, Director of Athletics at Ohio State University, as well as Jeremy Foley, Athletic Director Emeritus at the University of Florida. No basketball coaches currently on the sidelines are included on the Commission.



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