Move Criticized

April 13, 2017

The University of Cincinnati basketball teams are playing at different locations in the next season due to renovations at Fifth Third Arena. The move is drawing criticism due to a disparity in facilities.

The women’s team will play at St. Ursula Academy, a Catholic high school that can host about 1,000 spectators. In contrast, the men will tip off at Northern Kentucky University's BB&T Arena, which can hold about nine times more spectators.

“I think that it’s really difficult for the women to accept something like that, in this day and age,” Oscar Robertson, UC men’s basketball all-time great, told The Crescent-News.

The schedule at BB&T Arena couldn’t fit the women’s team. However, critics are citing Title IX as they highlight the inequality.

“If you ask the men would they switch, what would they say? That answers the basic fairness question,” Nancy Hogshead-Makar, a civil rights lawyer and three-time Olympic gold medalist, said in The Crescent-News.

“That gym is not for a Division I athlete,” Tamaya Dennard, a longtime UC women’s basketball supporter, told The Crescent-News. “They have no business playing there.”


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