Media Members Banned

May 3, 2018

The Arizona Interscholastic Association announced that Zach and Jeff Edgington are banned from all AIA events for “inappropriate contact” with student-athletes.

According to 12 News, some student-athletes alleged that the Edgington brothers had contacted them with sexually suggestive messages. A female basketball player at Mesa High School, who asked not to be named, said the brothers complimented her body, eventually asking for a picture of her in a bikini.

“It started in 2016,” she said. “I first got a message from one of the Edge twins … but a couple months ago, probably the beginning of this year, it turned into something else ... One of them asked me to send them a picture of me in a bikini and that he would send me a picture back of him."

Ralph Amsden, a reporter who runs, warned parents about the Edgington brothers via Twitter following the AIA announcement, and received at least 30 responses from people who said the Edgington brothers had acted inappropriately toward them. He said the AIA needs to rethink the process for issuing credentials to better protect its students.

“It is tough to figure out who’s going to be on the sideline and when,” he said. “There needs to be some kind of process to try to make sure that the people who need to be around your kids are the right people.”

Zach Edgington denied the allegations.

“I do not think that my twin brother or I have done anything inappropriate … My response is that there’s nothing with anybody underage,” he said.

The basketball player from Mesa High School said she hoped that by speaking out, she would encourage others to come forward.

“I know that there’s a lot of kids in Arizona that have been affected by this, and I think that they are afraid to come forward because they are grown adults, and who knows what they can do, and we’re just high school kids,” she said.

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