Marquette Unveils Roadmap

November 10, 2017

The Marquette University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics has developed a new five-year strategic plan, Vice President & Director of Athletics Bill Scholl announced.

The review process began in June of 2016 with the assistance of Collegiate Sports Associates (CSA) and included individuals from a wide variety of areas on campus. The purpose of the program review was to assess goals, priorities, and operation of the current athletics program and solicit input from a wide variety of stakeholders. After receiving the results in December of 2016, the department began the process of developing a strategic plan to build upon the success of the past and help create a vision for the future of Marquette Athletics.

"I think it represents a great to-do-list for us as we look to the next five years," Scholl said. "At the same time, it gives us the flexibility to make the changes that are necessary. The intercollegiate athletics world tends to change on a dime. A new legislative process begins and suddenly we are operating under a new set of conditions and we needed to have a strategic plan that had the flexibility to allow us to adjust to that change as it occurs."

Athletics reached out to the University community, including supporters, faculty, administration and alumni to create a roadmap for the University's national branding strategies and its efforts to establish Marquette as one of the nation's preeminent institutions. It consists of six focus areas, 21 strategic objectives and 114 action steps.

The strategic plan:

  • Clearly defines the Department of Athletics' Mission, Vision, and Core Values;
  • Ensures alignment with the University Mission, Vision, and Guiding Values;
  • Identifies and creates specific goals and action steps to help Marquette Athletics achieve its commitment to the University, student-athletes, alumni, and supporters;
  • Provides a management, planning and assessment tool for the President and the Vice President and Director of Athletics; and,
  • Enables and fosters a collaborative working environment for students, faculty, coaches, and staff through common goals and initiatives.

The athletics department's plan works in concert with the University's recently developed strategic initiative, Beyond Boundaries. The visionary strategic plan sets in motion a clear strategy for the future, an ambitious campus master plan that serves as a road map for capital projects, and a series of 12 initiatives designed to position the University with adequate resources.

The plan is already in motion and measurables have been established to evaluate its progress as action steps are completed successfully.

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