Manhattanville Adding Indoor Turf

October 31, 2017

Manhattanville College is very excited to announce a partnership with New York Soccer Club that includes the construction of a new outdoor and indoor turf facility on campus, giving Manhattanville students a premier on-campus facility that will put the College on par with the top facilities in Division III.
The facility, which will be named Ophir Field, will set Manhattanville apart as one of few D-III schools in the region to boast an indoor turf facility. The project will encompass a full outdoor turf field available for most of the school year and a seasonal 90,000-square-foot bubble for the winter months that will house large turf training surfaces, fitness training areas as well as basketball and volleyball courts.
"This partnership is an incredible opportunity for Manhattanville College to upgrade its athletic facilities and provide a greater experience for our student-athletes," said Interim Director of Athletics Julene Caulfield. "The ability to have both a second turf field for our teams and an on-campus indoor turf facility will be a huge benefit for all our student-athletes throughout the year, and will also be an important venue as we look to increase Manhattanville's intramural opportunities as well."
The facility will greatly enhance the ability of Manhattanville student-athletes to train at preferred times, decreasing the potential for conflict with class schedules and allowing multiple teams to practice simultaneously. The indoor bubble will also significantly benefit Valiant winter and spring teams, allowing for more on-campus training sessions and decreasing the need for off-hour and off-campus practices.
Construction on the new turf facility is expected to begin in the coming weeks and has a targeted completion date of early 2018. 

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