Louisville Fires Young

November 7, 2017

On Monday, the University of Louisville announced that it had fired Kellie Young, its Head Women's Lacrosse Coach. Over the past year, at least 15 players have transferred or left the program, according to the Courier-Journal.  In addition, a former player filed a lawsuit against Young in August 2016, in which the player alleges she was hospitalized as a result of Young overworking her.

Darby Dudley, a former player, said Young made her do 250 push-ups with fellow players in an airport terminal as punishment, despite Dudley having a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Dudley said Young “instills a craziness and fear” in players.

“It is specifically her behavior that drives these girls away,” Dudley said. “I’m not sure how girls are getting fooled into coming there.” 

Christine Webbert, whose daughter, Casey, was one of Young's former players, alleged that Young made her athletes write about their mistakes in journals, and punished groups of athletes for an individual's wrongdoing.

“We knew what Kellie Young was like," Webbert said. “As soon as we told friends that Casey was recruited to Louisville, everyone was like, 'Look at these articles!' My fault was thinking, 'It won’t happen to my daughter because my daughter is coachable. She follows rules.' I made the assumption that these girls might have been misbehaving, that they were acting out."

Young's attorney could not be reached for comment. Young said she felt  "mixed frustration and sadness,” over the lawsuit, and previously maintained that her coaching style was fair.

"I don’t believe what I was doing was wrong by holding our kids to a standard and expecting excellence on the field," Young said in October.

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