LEAD1 Unveils Website

August 4, 2017

The LEAD1 Association, which represents the athletic directors, programs, and student-athletes of the 129 member schools of the Football Bowl Subdivision, announced the launch of a new, state-of-the art website.

Designed to present a sleek and modern appearance, the website dramatically improves content delivery, event scheduling, media relations, and includes staff biographies, a directory of the members, a map of the member schools with logos, and other features to meet the needs of the members of LEAD1.

"Last year, we unveiled a new redesigned logo and mission statement for LEAD1, and this year we are continuing to advance the LEAD1 brand with a new website," remarked C. Thomas McMillen, the President and Chief Executive Officer of LEAD1. "A major part of the rebranding effort for LEAD1 was to upgrade the website and to construct a state-of-the-art website to reflect the new direction and new leadership of LEAD1 Association."

A request-for-proposal was tendered for the website construction with bids received from a number of vendors, and SideArm Sports, a subsidiary of Learfield Sports, was selected as the design firm.

McMillen furthered, "Looking at the new website, the right decision was made in going with an entirely new structure to meet the objectives of our members. The website will facilitate all the communications efforts of LEAD1, ranging from social media activities to apprising all of the dates of future LEAD1 events, such as the annual meeting and Celebration of College Sports Gala in September in Washington, D.C. In addition, a master calendar will include all championship events, NCAA reports due and deadlines, as well as other college sports organizations events."

The website offers a history of LEAD1, payment processing features, media relations site, listing of events, and map of its members in 41 states across America. There is also a biography page for each athletics director and LEAD1 staff member, complete with contact information. The initial launch of the new website incorporates features such as improved search capabilities, a wide range of content, and an easy-to-navigate format in a sleek, modern design.

"LEAD1 will continue to improve the new website by seeking and incorporating feedback from its members, the media, and others. The website, while an important step forward, is an organic entity that will constantly evolve to best serve the needs and demands of the members of LEAD1. We at LEAD1 are committed to serving our members to the fullest extent possible," McMillen summarized.

The new website is live today and can be viewed at http://www.lead1association.com.

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