Iowa State AD Fires Back On Twitter

December 2, 2015

Social media platforms are a ubiquitous part of many jobs, for better or worse. Iowa State University Athletic Director Jamie Pollard maintains an active presence on Twitter, even if it means tweeting back to those who may be seen as trolls. Pollard’s stance is that he doesn’t need negativity in his life, and he doesn’t need to accept it on social media, either.  

According to, a Cyclones fan criticized Pollard over the hiring of Matt Campbell from the University of Toledo as the new head football coach before changing his tune a day later. In response, Pollard tweeted back, saying the team doesn’t need front-runners and telling the fan to stay off the bus.

“I’m an optimistic person so if you want to spit on me, I don’t have to take it,” Pollard later explained in an interview cited on “If you’re going to be a jerk and you think you’re being a smart aleck or smart ass, I don’t have to listen to it. I had somebody write to me that I am a state employee and I have no right to block people. Oh really? Great. I mean, that’s the joy of Twitter. If you want to use social media to be obnoxious, then I can use social media to not have to listen to your obnoxious, immature comments.”

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