Homecoming Canceled

October 2, 2017

After football players wrote offensive messages on a whiteboard and shared photos on social media, McKinleyville (Calif.) High School canceled its varsity homecoming game and barred the players responsible from the homecoming parade.

According to the Times-Standard, Nic Collart, McKinleyville's principal, sent an email to the school community soon after learning of the incident.

“Earlier this week some members of our varsity football team made a poor decision which in effect was damaging to students, staff and our community; it negatively impacted the perception of McKinleyville High School,” Collart wrote. “As a result our varsity football team will not take the field next Friday for Homecoming nor participate in our parade. Mack High will never condone nor allow statements or actions that alienate or harm any group or sub group of our diverse community.”

On Friday, the school's junior varsity squad will play the junior varsity team from Fortuna in lieu of the varsity game.

While Collart condemned the varsity players' actions, he called the incident “an opportunity to grow and be better than (they) were before,” and praised those who acted well.

“I am proud of the students who came forward to let us know what had happened and asked that it be addressed,” he wrote in the email. I am proud of our football players who have come together and accepted responsibility as a team and who are all working hard to make this right. I am proud of the students with whom I have spoken who want to forgive and help us all be a stronger community.”

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