Going Public

July 9, 2018

Kyle Franey, Athletic Director at Somerville (N.J.) Public Schools, will have a public hearing on July 24, to appeal the school's decision not to rehire him as athletic director.

According to mycentraljersey.com, because the hearing is public, Franey does not have a right to privacy, so the board can openly discuss his employment. The hearing will last 20 minutes, and Franey can present testimony and witnesses to support his case. Franey needs at least five votes to renew his contract, and if the board does nothing, Franey's contract will not be renewed.

During the four years that Franey was athletic director, Somerville saw a 12 percent increase in athletic participation. The school also won multiple championships, including its first state title for baseball.

When Franey posted a tweet announcing that June 30 would be his final day as athletic director, a rising senior football player's father wrote the following response.

“Thank you Kyle for all that you have done for putting Somerville athletics back where it belongs. It never would’ve happened without your hard work. It’s a shame that the administration chose this course. You left a great legacy and have given these kids a lifetime of memories.”

Another supporter tweeted that “I don’t think you’ll find a smarter or more involved AD ever.”

From New World Of Coaching
If you are straightforward with young people, they will usually respect you. This is much better than fabricating something on the spot, and your athletes will usually understand and accept this approach.
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