Geneseo Forfeits Season

September 26, 2017

After several football players at Geneseo (N.Y.) High School were dismissed from the team for allegedly taking Oxycontin before a Friday night game, the school has decided to forfeit the remainder of the season. According to The Daily News, Tim Hayes, Geneseo's superintendent, said that the players had been dismissed for “serious violations of the district's Code of Conduct and Athletic Eligibility Standards.” 

“The seriousness of this incident and the number of team members involved warrants dismissal of the players and forfeiture of the remainder of the varsity season,” Hayes wrote in an email to the media. “Bringing JV football players up to compete at the varsity level in order to meet the minimum roster requirement to field a team would not be an appropriate response to this incident.”

According to Eric Osganian, Geneseo's chief of police, the police department will be investigating the alleged drug use, along with the Livingston County Sheriff's office, since one of the alleged offenders is related to a member of the village police department.

“They will be with us on the interviews,” Osganian said. “I’m not looking to hide anything — that’s why I want it clear that we’re doing the right thing and we’re going to bring somebody else in to look at the information with us.”

Osganian said that the school would also be conducting an internal investigation. Hayes said that any violators would be dealt with according to the school code of conduct.

“When a serious violation of the Code of Conduct or Athletic Code is alleged, an investigation is conducted by the school administrator(s) to determine the facts of the case,” Hayes said. “Administrator(s) then meet with the students involved to review the conduct violations, get the student’s version of the incident, and determine if any consequences for the behavior are warranted. Written and verbal notice are then provided to the parents.”

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