Gameplan Unveiled

January 3, 2018

Adrian (Mich.) Public Schools recently established long-term goals to improve its athletic programs. According to The Blade, the district's athletic advisory committee, whose members include students, parents, coaches, administrators, and community members, began its project in October. The final result, known as the game plan, identifies five areas in need of improvement: athletic programming from kindergarten through 12th grade, conference membership, professional staff, quality facilities, and student-athlete development. 

“We’re trying to really identify where we as a school system could work with community groups or create our own programs so that [we] would have a full plate of offerings for our students,” John Roberts, Athletic Director, said.

According to Roberts, the committee is working with the local YMCA, the city of Adrian, and other organizations to form recreational leagues, and hopes for the return of little league softball and baseball. Adrian High School renovated its pool and football field, and will periodically review all its athletic facilities.

“We want to have facilities that are competitive with people in our county or people in our conference,” Roberts said.

The district will also seek a different conference or to form its own, noting that while the district was not unhappy with the Southeastern Conference, they would prefer to compete with schools that are more similar in size.

“We want to be in a league where we have a chance to be competitive,” he said.

Roberts said he was pleased with the direction that the gameplan would take his department, hoping that it would address the high rate of coach turnover.

"Whoever comes after me as the next athletic director will kind of have a road map of where the department has been and where it’s wanting to go,” he said.

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