Florida High School Hires Female Football Coach

February 10, 2016

Florida has become the latest state to break the gender barrier in high school athletics. Earlier this week, Miami Jackson High School hired Lakatriona Brunson to lead its football team, making her the first female high school football coach in state history.

As reported by the Miami Herald, Brunson, who is a physical education teacher at the school, has an extensive athletic background. A track and field athlete in high school who played college basketball at Tennessee State University, Brunson competed for the Miami Fury of the Women’s Independent Football League for several years in the 2000s. She’s served as an assistant coach on the girls’ basketball team at Miami Jackson and will coach the girls’ flag football team in the spring.

“Today is historic for not only Florida, but Miami Jackson,” Brunson said. “When [former coach Earl Little] stepped down, I took a look at [the job] like, ‘Why can’t I do it?’ We’re just here to change the atmosphere at Miami Jackson and get some W’s on the board.”

Brunson, who has also starred on the reality television show "South Beach Tow," has hired Luther Campbell as her defensive coordinator. A former rap star, Campbell has become a highly-regarded assistant coach, serving as the defensive coordinator at several schools and achieving success. Despite the star power on the sidelines, Brunson told the Herald that she and her staff will focus on football:

“We’re not here to talk about music or reality TV. We’re here to talk about football only,” she said.

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