Flat Fee Rescinded

July 2, 2018

In Chicago, Lincoln Way High School District 210 has reversed its decision to charge every student $50 for athletics, regardless of whether they participate. It will refund or give credits to those who have already paid.

According to the Chicago Tribune, last month, the board voted 4-2 to approve the flat fee, in order to replace the athletic/activity fee. Last year, students paid $25 per sport and $10 per club or activity, with maximum fees being $50 for sports and $35 for athletics. That policy generated $134,000 in revenue, while the $50 flat fee was expected to bring in $310,000.

Joe Kirkeeng, Board President, said the board, while divided, had initially believed the policy would increase participation in sports, but reconsidered after hearing that the fee could be challenged in courts.

John Izzo, the board's attorney, said that the fees have been challenged in the past, but he believes that the Illinois Constitution and the School Code permit the fee, “at least for those students who actually receive the benefits of participating in district activities.”

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