Fitness Facilities: Keep Them in Shape

March 3, 2019

It's important to keep your fitness facilities as fit as the people who use them. And just as with regular fitness, it requires a routine, maintenance and the ability to put in the time. Here is a checklist to use:

Weight Rooms: While they’re easily one of the most popular features in a fitness facility, they often don’t get the same level of attention a cardio area does, simply because the equipment isn’t electronic and isn’t susceptible to mechanical problems. A regular inspection should take in the following:


  • Neatness: Are all weights stacked in the proper place? Are they arranged logically and intuitively, so that users will have an easy time putting them back where they belong?


  • Quantity: If certain pieces of equipment (back pads, for instance) tend to migrate around the gym, consider purchasing more of them. Users should not have to search for the piece they need, and they should not have to wait for several users to finish with something before they are able to use it.


  • Condition: Check all weights and equipment on a regular basis. Equipment should be operating smoothly and no pieces should be missing.


  • Ground Floor: While some weight rooms are carpeted, many use nonskid matting or special sport surfaces. Sports facility contractors recommend non-porous flooring with anti-microbial properties.


Cardio Areas: Take a moment to observe the area. Do you see one or more machines that users tend to avoid? The machine might be noisy or malfunctioning and nobody has reported it yet – maybe they don’t consider it broken (just bothersome enough to avoid, which really amounts to the same thing when you’re talking about expensive machinery that people won’t use.) Put in a work order for anything problematic.

Debris, even small amounts tracked in on shoes, can destroy cardio machines over time. Put down plenty of mats and encourage people to wipe their feet. Having lockers students can rent and store their gym shoes (so that they don’t wear them outside) is another good proactive step to take.

Storage Areas: We just mentioned lockers, but here’s another thought: the more space you can provide for people to put bags, coats, etc., the less winds up on the floor and makes the place look bad (plus presents an obstacle to the people walking through.) Having hooks and cubbyholes will decrease the clutter. Small key-operated lockers will allow users to store phones and wallets safely.


HVAC: Despite the fact that the facility is being used by individuals who are working out, it should not have an odor. HVAC systems should be inspected regularly, and any problems addressed.

Keep It Clean: Keep plenty of containers of disinfectant wipes in all areas of the facility, and make sure there are plenty of signs requesting that users wipe down weight benches, mats and other equipment before and after each use.

Multi-Purpose Rooms: While rooms with synthetic flooring typically require less maintenance, they’re not maintenance-free. Keep floors clean with regular sweeping and mopping.

Keeping your facility fit requires regular attention. A running to-do list can help you stay organized, save time, save money and will lead to more efficient operations. After all, a clean and functional fitness facility is a good recruiting tool for new students as well.


Photos courtesy of CHA, Concord, MA

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