Fight Leads to Forfeits

August 30, 2017

In Louisiana, L.W. Higgins High School and Helen Cox High School will forfeit their first football games of the season as punishment for their teams fighting at a jamboree last Friday. According to The New Orleans Advocate, the Louisiana High School Athletics Association announced its decision on Tuesday, saying that all players left the sideline, thus breaking Rule 5.11.8 in the association's handbook.

As part of the penalty, Higgins will forfeit its game against Holy Cross, and Cox will forfeit its game against East Jefferson, with both schools' respective opponents gaining 2-0 wins. Players on the offending team will be required to take a sportsmanship class.

Frank Allelo, East Jefferson's coach, said that he would have preferred that his team earn the win themselves.

"It's disappointing because our kids were excited about playing Cox," Allelo said. "We have been working hard to get prepared for Week 1. It is what it is. We are going to take it in stride and now just work on getting prepared for Week 2."

Eric Rebaudo, Holy Cross' coach, said this would be detrimental to his team..

"It puts us in a little bit of a bind because we would have liked to have gotten that experience," Rebaudo said.


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