Female Coach Begins

July 26, 2017

At Nederland (Colo.) High School, Head Football Coach Beth Buglione began offseason summer camp on Monday. According to the Daily Camera, Damon Vigil, the Panthers' quarterback for the season, was impressed with his new coach's knowledge. He said hearing people say that they did not want to play for a female coach angered him.

"I can say to these guys, you know when you are 20 or 25 years old, you are going to regret not playing football and you are going to want to tell your kids," Vigil said. "And now you are not playing because your coach is a woman or the coach you loved left, that's not an excuse. There is no reason why you shouldn't play the game you love."

Buglione said that in order to convince the team to accept her, she appealed to their love of the sport.

"Teenagers will be teenagers, and I'm sure every coach they have ever encountered they have had something to say about; but they are buying in because they love football," Buglione said. "And as long as I showed up knowing what I was talking about and I brought on a coach who knows what he is talking about, they don't have a problem ... they just want to play."

Chuck Doudna, Buglione's assistant, said that for students who trust Buglione, her gender doesn't matter.

"Once they realize that they see she knows what she is talking about, they understand that she understands the concepts,” Doudna said. “They don't worry too much about who is delivering it to them, just that that person understands football."

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