Extending Recognition

May 10, 2017

High school students in New Jersey will now be able to earn varsity letters for any interscholastic extracurricular activity. This change is due to a new law that extends the opportunities for varsity letters beyond sports, as reported by the New Jersey Herald.

“It’s appropriate that kids who take part in extracurricular activities other than sports get a chance to earn a varsity letter,” Assemblyman Parker Space told the New Jersey Herald. “A varsity letter is a source of pride earned through tireless effort, fierce determination and unwavering commitment. These students compete just as passionately as any athlete, and they should receive recognition.”

The bill’s co-sponsor, Senator Steve Oroho, came on board after meeting with a high school robotics team. Along with learning about science and engineering, the team participates in robotics competitions that are held across the state.

“These students put a lot of hours into preparing for their competitions both at school and at home,” Oroho told the New Jersey Herald. “We’ve been rewarding students who show this kind of commitment on the court and the field, so it makes sense that students who represent their schools in academic competitions get the same honor.”

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