Emory Has New Tagline

January 11, 2018

Emory University Athletics unveils the new tagline FLY HIGHER,  to represent the department’s commitment to fulfilling all aspects of the student-athlete experience.

Emory University Athletics has always had the vision to be the nation’s preeminent intercollegiate athletics program. With 23 Division III national titles and 109 NCAA Postgraduate Scholars to its credit, Emory demonstrates that the highest levels of academic and athletic achievement are not mutually exclusive.  FLYing HIGHER charges the athletics department to maintain and exceed the elevated level of excellence on and off the playing field.

“As part of an internationally renowned institution, the goal of overall excellence is something the athletics department strives for on a daily basis,” stated Dr. Michael Vienna, the Director of Athletics. “We want to set the highest standards possible for our department and do all we can do the reach those lofty objectives.”

In an effort to empower Emory athletes to FLY HIGHER, the Eagle Edge program provides an umbrella of integrated resources supporting student-athletes.  The program focuses on the holistic development of our student-athletes through programs, services and training that address academic achievement, health and well-being, leadership and community service.  These include connections to academic tutoring, mental health, career choices, as well as guidance within our integrity project.  All of these areas, and more, address our goal of providing the best resources to better ourselves every day.

“The FLY HIGHER tagline aligns perfectly with the institution’s ethical principles of creating an environment of work, teaching, living and learning that enables us to strive towards our highest potential,” explains Joyce Jaleel, Senior Director of Athletics.  “Not only does this message of excellence permeate all aspects of our athletics program but it holds us accountable in everything we do.  This is another way to support and promote our scholar student-athletes.”

Coaches and staff are committed to teaching student-athletes to see beyond the wins and losses. Women’s Tennis Coach Amy Bryant believes, “If we solely focus on the score, we fail our mission of impacting student-athletes in a more profound way.  Our duty as coaches is to develop student-athletes into well-rounded, contributing citizens of the world.  Student-athletes who FLY HIGHER bring more pride to Emory than any trophy.”

The FLY HIGHER tagline originated from a committee of Athletic Department and Campus Life staff, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) members, the University Office of Marketing and Communications and community leaders. 

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